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Making More Mockups

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Today Elen, my manager, approached me and asked to make a prototype of a new functionality in our project management system. This is a reimbursement management module: employees spend some money (taxi from airport, for example), then they create requests for reimbursements and if they are lucky and management approves the requests, they get the money back :-)

So, prototype it is. I fired up my Balsamiq for Desktop and in under ten minutes mockups of two pages were ready. This is one of them:


But when I sent them to Elen, I thought that maybe she meant some real code, or HTML stubs in real system, because there was a mockup attached to her original email. Here it is:

reembolsoAccording to her, she made it in Paint (duh!). And it took her approximately 30 minutes to make this one, because she had to printscreen some real pages and cut pieces from them. What a tedious work! :-) And it must be a hell to modify such mockup!

When I told her about Balsamiq Mockups, she became very interested and decided to give it a try. Another happy story. Thank you, Peldi :-)

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